Old Home Exterior Paint Colors

Exterior Paint Color Combinations for Older Homes

The following Before and After pictures show some examples of ideas for exterior paint color combinations for older homes.

The after picture reflects the homeowner’s final option of the old home exterior paint colors. There may be other exterior paint colors or modifications that we would better recommend to enhance the appearance of the house. Even though the homeowner is aware of these selections, the picture shows the work executed as they requested for their specific need. Somewhile an alternative paint color scheme is shown to comparison goals.

Old Home Before and After: Color Placement Corrections on Multi-colored Victorian

Old Home Exterior Colors Victorian Home Before Color Correction
Old home exterior colors before painting. Needs color placement corrections badly
Exterior House Colors for Old Houses Victorian Home with color Placement Correction
New Victorian home exterior paint colors and corrected color placement

Scope of Work:

  • Old home exterior paint colors and color placement correction

Color placement is most crucial and needs an understanding of the building’s architecture design. As you see in the image above, there are many colors placed in the incorrect places.

One sample of such is the terrace ceiling. This may be hard to look since it is shaded. The red terrace ceiling and red terrace soffit provide the feeling that the ceiling extends past the terrace through the architrave (the beam being held up by the columns) and is section of the soffit. The terrace ceiling should be a separate unit.

Besides, the design of the home doesn’t have the decorative features to endorse multiple colors. A more simple color scheme shows a more smooth elegant look.

Suggestions for future improvement:

  • Landscaping
  • Homeowner plans to redo steps

Exterior Paint Colors This Old House Bring House Back to Life – 1910

Exterior Paint Colors This Old House Bring House Back to Life – 1910 Classic Revival Paint Before
Exterior Paint Colors for Old Homes Classic Revival Paint After

This around 1910 Classic Revival home was painted pale colors. The white trim on the columns don’t match with the rest of the trim. That incorporated with a dull blue made the home look dead.

Even though dark colors were occasionally used historically, light trim is most suitable for this style home.

When selecting colors there needs to be only the right amount of contrast. Black window sash gives this home the bravery it is designed to have.

Scope of Work:

  •  Paint color placement corrections
  • Exterior paint colors

Exterior Paint Colors Old Houses: 1876 Italianate with Yellow Brick

Exterior Paint Colors Old Houses Brick Italianate Color
Yellow brick Italianate needs paint
Exterior Paint Colors for Older Homes Brick Italianate Paint
Dark trim color compliments yellow brick

A black window sash with dark green trim assist show the depth of the yellow brick. Dark colors were most popular during this period.

Scope of Work:

  • Exterior paint colors and correct color placement.

Old Home Exterior Paint Colors: 1908 Dutch Colonial gets New Paint Colors

Exterior Paint Colors for Dutch Colonial House Before Painting
Dutch Colonial house before painting
Exterior Paint Color Combinations for Dutch Colonial Home After Painting
Dutch Colonial house after painting: new exterior paint colors and gable vents

Scope of Work:

  • Construct new vents in gables
  • Exterior paint colors and correct color placement
  • Remove gutter front center. Water will drain to roof below
  • Remove storm door to make entrance welcoming

Exterior Color Schemes for Old Houses: Prairie Style House Needs New Colors

Exterior Color Schemes for Prairie Style House
Prairie style before new colors
Exterior Paint Color Combinations for Prairie Style House After Painting and Color Placement Corrections
After painting and color placement corrections

Scope of Work:

  • Home exterior paint colors and color placement correction

Suggestions for future improvement:

  • Landscaping and remove storm door

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